Training & Resources

Three of the most common “building block” trainings offered by QM and offered as dedicated training for TxQMC members.


QM Coordinator Training

Free, self-paced course for individuals who will act as a liaison between faculty & QM. An institution’s primary point of contact will learn about the Quality Matters program and how it can support your quality assurance initiatives, how to manage course reviews, and how to locate QM resources.


Applying the Quality Matters Rubric:

QM's flagship workshop on the QM Rubric and its use in reviewing the design of online and blended courses. Prerequisite for continuing training to become a Peer Reviewer. $75-$90 in a dedicated training, $200 for members through QM, $300 for non-members.


The "Improving Your Online Course"

Workshop explores the QM Rubric and provides a framework to improve the quality of online courses. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own courses and develop a course improvement plan. $75-$90 in a dedicated training, $150 for members through QM, $200 for non-members.

Internal or Self-Reviews are free for institutions and allow courses to be evaluated using QM and potentially prepare them to undergo an official review. Various resources are available to assist you.

Official Reviews & Course Certifications: Using the QM Rubric and relevant review tools as a guide, a team of QM-trained, experienced online instructors can evaluate the design of your online or blended course and ensure it meets QM Standards. A course can become QM-Certified once it meets QM Rubric Standards at the 85% threshold or better and meets all essential standards. Institutions then can display and advertise the QM Certification Mark.

Official Course Reviews through TxQMC are $550-$725 vs $1000 through QM and our facilitation includes helping to form the review committees.