Focus on Course Design


Quality Matters is highly regarded nationally as a leader in course design and excellence in distance education. While there are many factors that play a part in a quality learning experience for students, QM focuses specifically on course design. The course review process will take into account how features of a course align with the overall objectives and assessment processes, will review the instructions for how students are expected to participate and/or how they will be graded, and will look at how the choice of particular tools fits into the overall use and alignment of tools and media.

Course design is the planning that goes into the course; course delivery is what happens with them once the course starts.

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The Most Obvious Benefit to Joining TxQMC Are Costs


Yearly Subscription Renewal:

$1350-$1500 for TxQMC members vs $1750 for independent subscriptions with QM


Training at a Lower Cost:

Dedicated APPQMR training for $75-$90/student vs $200/student through QM

Other training at lower costs (For example: IYOC – Improving Your Online Course)

Free QM Coordinator Training for a college’s point-of-contact for QM

Free webinars on various QM-related subjects including implementation plans & strategies


Formal Course Reviews:

Formal course review for $550-$725 vs $1000 through QM

About Us

TxQMC is facilitated by the Virtual College of Texas, an organization that is committed to quality, success, and satisfaction for students in online courses and programs statewide. All TACC (Texas Association of Community Colleges) institutions are automatically members of VCT and are therefore eligible to become part of the TxQMC.

TxQMC Affiliate Colleges

TxQMC Affiliates

  • Angelina College
  • Austin Community College
  • Brazosport College
  • Blinn College
  • College of the Mainland
  • Collin College
  • El Paso Community College
  • Frank Phillips College
  • Grayson College
  • Houston Community College
  • Howard College
  • Huston-Tillotson University
  • Kilgore College
  • Laredo Community College
  • Lee College
  • Lone Star College System
  • North Central Texas College
  • Northeast Texas Community College
  • Panola College
  • San Jacinto College
  • South Texas College
  • Tarrant County College District
  • Temple College
  • Texarkana Community College
  • Texas Southmost College
  • Texas Wesleyan University

Texas College Independent QM Subscribers

  • Alamo Community College District
  • Dallas County Community College District
  • Midland College

Getting Started

Is your college ready to become a part of this dynamic group and participate in this great collaboration for quality in higher education?

Step 1 Submit the intent to subscribe form to Quality Matters.
Step 2 QM contacts TxQMC to process your membership.
Step 3 VCT issues your institution a combined invoice with Consortium and QM Fees.
Step 4 Your institution pays the invoice. Annual dues are $1350 for a full year subscription to the Texas Quality Matters Consortium, which includes all the member benefits.
Step 5 Payment is processed by VCT.
Step 6 Your institution will receive a Welcome Letter from TxQMC.
Step 7 You now have full access to all Texas QM Consortium benefits, including APPQMR Training, QM Access through MyQM, and discounted materials.
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